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  • 4-6 (makes approximately 50 shumai)人份
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烧麦是备受中国人喜爱的一道点心,这个食谱将为您呈现一款日式风格的中国烧麦。烧麦的广东话发音为“siu mai”,与日式煎饺类似,二者都是日本料理中常见的源于中华料理的小食。但与日式煎饺不同的除了外形还有就是日式烧麦通常以猪肉馅和鲜虾馅为主。烧卖需要趁热食用,也可冷藏后二次加热。烧卖也常作为日本便当中的一种食材出现。


shumai wraps
500g pork mince
200g cooked prawns
1 onion
sesame oil
1 piece fresh ginger
shiitake mushrooms
soy sauce
starch powder
pinch of salt and pepper


  1. To make the filling we will need to mix all the ingredients together so put them all aside for a moment except for the shiitake which you will need to soak in water for 5-10 minutes. Then grab a large bowl and prepare to get your hands messy.

  2. Begin by mixing up the pork, ginger, shiitake with the soy sauce, mirin and sesame oil so that you have a nice paste. Then chop up the onion and prawns into very small pieces and mix in well with the paste to get your filling. The filling should be thick enough to stick together so add more starch if necessary.

  3. Take a shumai wrapper and while holding it with one hand, spoon in half a tablespoon of the filling and wrap up the filling with the wrapper leaving the top open. The final shape should be a short cylinder with a flat bottom so that it can stand upright.

  4. Once you have made as many shumai as you need you can cook them in a bamboo steamer for 10-15 minutes until they are cooked. If you don’t have a designated steamer, you can lightly oil a frying pan, place the shumai in the pan and fill with water up to about half the height of the shumai. Cook on a high heat with a lid for 10 minutes then enjoy this tasty traditional dish.


- This recipe will require using a bamboo steamer. Pick one up here at Japan Centre.
- Shumai can be eaten plain after cooking or you can use a sauce or dip to get a little extra flavour. Mustard works well with shumai, as does a mix of soy sauce and vinegar.
- As long as the ingredients stick together, you can use just about anything as a filling for shumai. Try a mix of tofu and shiitake mushrooms for a tasty vegetarian option.
- The shumai wrappers are delicate and can dry out quickly so keep them covered or leave in the packet until you are ready to use each individual wrapper.