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这份简单的食谱将带您探索天然鲜味的力量。这款暖意融融的健康蘑菇汤的特色是在传统欧洲田园蔬菜汤里加入了日本香菇从而引入了一种天然的鲜味。 对于喜欢田园时蔬的人以及那些味蕾挑剔的人们来说,这是一道完美汤品。


• 10g dried shiitake mushrooms
• 20g butter
• 2 cloves garlic
• 1 chopped leek
• 1/2 chopped celery stalk
• 2-3 sprigs of fresh thyme
• 200g chopped fresh chestnut mushrooms
• 750ml boiling water
• 1 low-salt vegetable stock cube
• 1 tsp mushroom powder
• dash of cream (to taste)

for the croutons
• 1 thick slice of bread cut into cubes
• 1 tbsp oil
• 1 tsp umami seasoning


  1. In a large bowl/jug, pour the boiling water over the dried shiitake mushrooms and leave for at least 20 minutes.

  2. Remove the mushrooms from the water, squeezing out any excess back into the water. Chop roughly and set aside. Crumble the stock cube into the water.

  3. On a medium heat melt the butter in a pan and add the chopped garlic, leek and celery and sweat until soft (5-8 minutes).

  4. Increase to a high heat, remove the thyme leaves from sprigs and sprinkle into pan along with the chestnut mushrooms and the reconstituted shiitake.

  5. Sprinkle in the umami seasoning and stir before pouring in the stock.

  6. Bring to the boil, and simmer for 15 minutes until the mushrooms are cooked, then return to a low heat.

  7. For the croutons, heat a frying pan with the oil on a medium high heat. Mix the umami seasoning with the oil before lightly frying the croutons until they become golden and crunchy.

  8. Serve the soup with a dash of cream and the croutons.

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