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  • 2-3人份
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• 250g mozzarella
• 85g crab
• soy wrappers
• 100g tempura flour
• sesame oil
• ponzu sauce
• sesame seeds


  1. Start by patting dry your mozzarella and crab, if necessary. It’s important that they’re as dry as possible just in case your parcel comes apart when you’re frying. Spitting oil is not nice.

  2. Cut the mozzarella into slices roughly 1cm thick, then cut again down the middle to create a section that’s roughly 1.5cm long.

  3. Place the soy wrapper width wise in front of you. Place two mozzarella slices in the middle and sandwich a bit of crab between them.

  4. Brush a little bit of sesame oil along the bottom edge of the wrapper. Fold the top edge over the filling, then fold the bottom edge over that. Fold over the left side, then the right side on top, then turn the parcel so it’s sitting on the folded side. This will stop them springing open while you’re doing the rest.

  5. Prepare your tempura batter and start warming your cooking oil in a heavy bottomed pan or wok to about 160-170°C. If you’ve not cooked tempura before, check out our tempura recipe for tips on how to get your batter as crispy crunchy as possible.

  6. Using long cooking chopsticks dip the parcels into the tempura batter and then place in the oil. Depending on how large your parcels are or how much oil you’re using, you may want to flip them after a minute to make sure both sides crisp up.

  7. Pat dry the parcels with some kitchen towel to remove any excess grease, sprinkle with some sesame if you like, then serve with a saucer of ponzu.


• If your cheese is not gooey enough after the batter has finished crisping up, place the parcels in the oven for about 5 minutes to get them nice and melty.