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  • 2-3人份
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• chirashi sushi
• japanese fried chicken
• goma-ae sesame & spinach salad
• inari sushi
• ankake meatballs
• maki sushi rolls with a vegetarian or cooked filling
• 6 strawberries or other festively pink fruit
• 1 chopped kiwi
• 3 colour dango dumplings or strawberry & sweet red bean mochi


  1. The day before start by preparing everything but the fresh fruit. For the ankake meatballs keep the sauce separate until you’re packing your bento box on the morning of the day you’re going to have your hanami picnic.

  2. Similarly don’t add the prawns to your chirashi sushi until the same day. To be extra safe you may want to omit them all together or keep them in a chilled baggie or cooler until you’re ready to eat. We also suggest keeping your sushi vegetarian unless you’re using cooked or smoked salmon for your sushi rolls.

  3. When you’re ready to go, prepare your strawberries and kiwi, as well as stirring in the ankake sauce for your meatballs. Carefully pack everything into your bento box and you’re ready to go.