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• japanese cream stew roux
• chicken
• onion
• carrots
• potato
• broccoli
• cauliflower


  1. Start by cutting up the chicken into small bitesize pieces, as well as all the vegetables so that they will cook at an even rate.

  2. Sauté the chicken in a large pan with some oil until it is nearly cooked before adding the onions until they have both finished cooking.

  3. Now add the chopped carrot, potato, cauliflower and broccoli to the pan and fill with water so that all the vegetables are covered. Boil the vegetables for 20-30 minutes so that they are fully cooked and soft.

  4. Break off four cubes of the cream stew roux and add the the pot. Stir the roux in with the water and it will melt quickly to give you a thick creamy sauce. Serve the stew either by itself or with boiled rice.


• Adding broccoli at the same time as the other vegetables may make it too soft for your taste, so if you prefer you can cook the broccoli separately in a different pot and add to the cream stew once everything else is ready.

• This recipe can also be used with beef or pork instead of chicken if you prefer.

• Milk can be used as a substitute for the water if you like the sauce to be extra creamy.