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• osaka style okonomiyaki or hiroshima style okonomiyaki pancakes
• okonomiyaki sauce
• mayonnaise


  1. First of all, let’s start by whipping up our okonomiyaki. Okonomiyaki is very versatile and there are different regional styles that are fun to try. If you’ve not made okonomiyaki before please see our recipes for Hiroshima Okonomiyaki or Osaka Okonomiyaki pancakes but this time use purple cabbage for that Halloween twist.

  2. Once your okonomiyaki are all cooked up you’re ready to start some spooky decoration. Cover your okonomiyaki in an even layer of okonomiyaki sauce. Next squeeze concentric circles of mayonnaise on top of your okonomiyaki.

  3. Taking a palette knife or butter knife gently draw lines starting from the centre and going outwards at 45 degree angles. This should create a spooky cobweb pattern for your okonomiyaki. Enjoy.


• Using mayonnaise you can create loads of different motifs for your okonomiyaki. We enjoy spooky bats and pumpkins too, but taking inspiration from Omurice why not declare your love with a valentine heart or tasty happy birthday message?