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Please see each individual cocktail below for ingredients.


  1. Bloody Oishi Cocktail
    • 60ml ozeki dry sake
    • 180ml tomato juice
    • 1 celery stick
    • 1 slice of lemon
    • 2 ice cubes

    Add the ice cubes to a high ball glass, mix the Ozeki Dry Sake and the tomato juice together and pour over the ice. Garnish with the celery and slice of lemon.

  2. Yuzu & Mint Sake Sorbet
    • 45ml junmai sake
    • 15ml yuzu juice
    • 1 tsp sugar
    • approx. 235ml crushed ice
    • 1 mint leaf

    Mix the ingredients together (except for the mint) in a food processor for 10 seconds until the mixture takes on a sorbet-like consistency. Serve in a glass tumbler and garnish with the mint.

  3. Cranberry Umetini
    • 30ml plum wine
    • 10ml dry gin
    • 10ml cranberry juice

    Mix the ingredients in a cocktail shaker with ice, serve in a martini glass which has been rinsed in water and chilled in the freezer for 5 minutes.

  4. Chu-Hai Shochu Soda Cocktail
    • 60ml barley shochu
    • 60ml fruit juice
    • 180ml soda water

    Grab a large glass like a high ball and fill about 1/3 with ice. Pour the shochu in first and then the fruit juice. Mix and finish by adding the soda water.


• To give to your Bloody Oishi Cocktail a sourer flavour, try adding juice of half a lemon.
• You can use any of your favourite fruit juices with the Chu-Hai cocktail for an endless variety of flavours.