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300g cooked japanese rice
250ml sukiyaki sauce or 100ml soy sauce + 100ml cooking sake + 50g sugar
200g beef
1 spring onion
1 carrot
150g enoki mushrooms
4 shiitake mushrooms
350g tofu
2 eggs
nanami togarashi (optional)


  1. Before cooking the meat and vegetables, we need to prepare the rice for our donburi. You can follow our online rice recipe to find out how to make perfect sticky Japanese rice or our brown rice recipe if you prefer a healthier option. If you really don’t want to spend too much time with rice preparation, you can try our microwavable rice, convenient and tasty.

  2. Start the preparation by slicing up all your ingredients into small bite size pieces or thin slices. If you aren’t using pre-sliced meat, try freezing the meat before slicing to get it extra thin.

  3. Heat up a large pan and lightly grease the base (either with suet or normal vegetable oil) before adding the thin strips of beef or pork and start cooking them gently.

  4. Once the meat is nearly cooked, add the sukiyaki sauce to your pan. Once the sauce begins to boil, add the rest of your vegetables and try to keep items together. For example, keep the tofu on one side and the mushrooms on the other. Allow the ingredients to simmer for a few minutes. Add a pinch of nanami togashi to give a spicy quick to your meal.

  5. Once everything is ready, pour the cooked sukiyaki mix over a bowl of freshly cooked rice. Crack a raw egg into a separate small bowl and dip the sukiyaki into the egg as you eat. Of course, you can always hard boil the egg and add it on top if you prefer.


- To get your beef or pork sliced really thin, freeze it first and then slice, either with a meat slicer, or a very sharp knife.
- Two tablespoons of mirin sweet cooking sake work well as a replacement for sugar if you prefer.

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