Vegan Tonyu Soy Milk Ramen

Vegan Tonyu Soy Milk Ramen

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Irresistibly creamy and umami-rich, prepare a ramen feast the whole family can enjoy with this vegan tonyu soy milk ramen recipe, with atsuage fried tofu, a kick of spring onion and Japanese vegetables. All you need for 2 servings is our sister restaurant Shoryu Ramen's White Natural DIY Kit.


1 Shoryu DIY Kit - White Natural Ramen

Shoryu DIY Kit Includes:

600ml White Natural Soy Milk Soup Stock
Original Ramen Noodles
Atsuage Fried Tofu
Spring Onion
Menma Bamboo Shoots
Kikurage Mushrooms
4 Sheets Nori Seaweed



  1. Add 400ml of water to a small pan and bring to the boil. Pour the tonyu soy milk stock into the pan of water and mix well to create your soup. Bring the tonyu soup to a gentle boil and simmer (be careful not to simmer off too much liquid).

  2. While the stock is coming to the boil, cut the atsuage fried tofu into 4 even slices (2 for each ramen) and chop your spring onion.

  3. Fill another small pan with water for the ramen noodles and bring to the boil. With your hands, gently loosen the ramen noodles, add to the water and boil for 45 seconds. Stir to separate them fully.

  4. While you're boiling the noodles, put the sliced atsuage fried tofu into the boiling water for just 10 seconds to warm.

  5. Drain the ramen and divide between two bowls. Pour the piping hot tonyu soy milk soup evenly over both of the bowls of ramen noodles. With your chopsticks, mix the noodles and vegan soup together well in the bowl.

  6. Arrange your spring onion, kikurage mushrooms, menma bamboo shoots and atsuage fried tofu slices on the top of each ramen. Finally, add the 2 sheets of nori seaweed to the side of each bowl.