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• 2 large salmon filets
• 6 tbsp white miso paste
• 1 tbsp mirin
• 1 tbsp sugar


  1. Grab a bowl and mix together the white miso paste, mirin and sugar together until it forms a smooth paste for the marinade.

  2. Remove any bones from the salmon fillets and then place them in the bowl of marinade. Make sure that the marinade covers all the fish and then allow the salmon to marinade in the fridge for a few hours.

  3. Heat up a grill pan over a medium heat and start by grilling the salmon with the skin down first. After approximately 4 minutes, turn the salmon over and grill the remaining side for another 4 minutes until they are lightly browned.

  4. The salmon is now ready to serve. Popular ways to enjoy this dish are with boiled white rice, or try with asparagus and mixed vegetables.


While you can use different types of miso paste for this dish, white miso is preferred as it has a much more subtle flavour which is ideal for using as a marinade.