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  • 3-4人份
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for the cake:
cooked rice
chirashi sushi mix
smoked salmon
chopped shiso perilla leaves
sesame seeds

suggested toppings
smoked salmon
salmon eggs
cucumber slices
egg omelette strips
cherry tomatoes


  1. Prepare the sushi rice by mixing the chirashi sushi mix and cooked rice. Feel free to use our recipe for How to Make Japanese Rice if you are uncertain.
  2. Once the rice is ready, get a round cake tin and cover the inside with some cling film so that the rice doesn’t stick to it. Spread half of the rice evenly into the tin and layer some smoked salmon, chopped shiso perilla leaves and sesame seeds and cover with the rest of the rice. Cover with cling film and press firmly. Turn it out of the cake tin and remove the cling film. Be careful not to damage the shape of the rice.
  3. Now decorate the cake with some toppings, such as egg omelette strips, smoked salmon, salmon eggs, sliced cucumber and tomatoes.
  4. Slice into individual pieces to serve and enjoy.


- This dish is good for a party so decorate it nicely with your choice of toppings.