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  • 3-4人份
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300g uncooked japanese rice
80ml sushi vinegar
12 inari deep fried tofu pockets
2-3 sheets nori seaweed


  1. Cook rice using your preferred method. Add sushi vinegar to cooked rice and mix through. Allow to cool completely.
  2. Carefully open one inari tofu pocket. Gather a small clump (2-3 tbsp) of cooked rice. Using your hand, form the rice into a ball and put the ball inside the inari pocket. Fold the inari pocket closed and place, fold side down, on a plate. Repeat until all inari pockets have been used.
  3. Using the nori seaweed, a pair of cooking scissors, and a little patience, cut out eyes and scary mouths for all of the inari sushi pieces. Stick two eyes and a mouth directly on each piece of inari sushi to make spooky faces.


- If you are unsure about how to cook rice, try using our How To Make Japanese Rice and Sushi Rice recipe.
- The inari should be wet enough for the nori seaweed to stay in place once stuck on. If it is not, brush a dab of water over the area you want your spooky face to be before attaching the nori.
- Feel free to experiment with different scary faces. Your imagination is the only limit with this recipe.