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6 mochi rice cakes
1 tin azuki beans
3 tbsp kinako soy bean flour
2 sheets nori seaweed
3 tbsp soy sauce
6 tbsp granulated sugar


  1. Prepare 6 mochi pieces by heating the mochi on a griddle or non-stick pan over a low flame without oil for a few minutes on both sides, until the outside turns crunchy and the inside soft.

  2. Mix 3 tablespoons of kinako with 3 tablespoons of sugar and sprinkle on to 2 of the grilled mochi.

  3. Open the azuki tin and place a tablespoon of the azuki sweet beans on 2 different grilled mochi pieces.

  4. Dissolve 3 tablespoons of sugar with 1 tablespoon of hot water and then add 3 tablespoons of soy sauce. Dip the final 2 mochi pieces into this sauce and make sure that it is fully covered. Finally wrap the mochi in a small piece of nori seaweed and serve.

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