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这份豆腐团子食谱将带您沉浸在传统日式甜点的甜美味道里。这款和果子甜点弹性十足,温润细腻,您永远不会想到这竟然是用豆腐制作的,而且这些豆腐团子吃到嘴里的口感比外表看上去的还要更好。 这道豆腐团子既可以作下午茶甜点,也可以作为晚餐的餐后甜点,相信您一定会爱上它的。


• 100g katakuri ko starch
• 150g silken tofu
• 1 tbsp kinako soy bean powder
• 30g brown sugar


  1. Add the katakuri ko starch to a bowl, then without drying add the tofu bit by bit. Knead together until the mixture reaches a medium firm consistency similar to an earlobe.

  2. Add water to a pan and bring to the boil. Divide the mixture and form into dumpling sized spheres, then pop into the water. When they rise to the top scoop them out and plunge into a bowl of cool water to cool them down.

  3. In a separate pan add the brown sugar and 20ml of water. Gently heat until it thickens and forms a syrup.

  4. Serve the dango onto a plate and sprinkle with the kinako soy bean powder, then drizzle on the sugar syrup.