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  • 6161 choya umeshu shiso
  • Green furoshiki bottle
6161 choya umeshu shiso Green furoshiki bottle

俏雅/蝶矢 梅酒 含整颗梅子及紫苏成分, 700 ml

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Delivery to UK and EU only. Require ID check before dispatch for first alcohol order.

Furoshiki wrap20160119 26781 7vhbhj 付款时可选择风吕敷礼品包装 

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商品 ID: #6161


梅酒是日本酒类的一种,把梅子与糖一起浸入烈酒中制作而成,梅子的芳香通过自然缓慢的浸泡陈酿过程而被提取了出来。因此梅酒的味道深邃、甘甜,与众不同。想了解丰富的梅酒以及其他日本果酒,请浏览Japan Centre的梅酒页面。


This delicious drink is fantastic as either an aperitif or digestif.
• Drink straight, on the rocks or with champagne for a truly indulgent cocktail.
• Mix Umeshu with lemonade or soda to make an ume sour.
• Add a splash to hot green tea to make a delicious winter warmer.

Alcohol is not for sale to people under the age of 18. We may require ID check and a signature on delivery. For the facts about alcohol visit drinkaware.co.uk.



Alcohol Content: 17%