《MEN's NON・NO 》月刊杂志, 615 g 库存有限 仅剩1 件

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日本最畅销的男性时尚杂志之一,喜爱日本时尚的潮流人士人手必备的指南。这本杂志包含了高级时装、平价单品、街头时尚以及型格套装。不仅如此,更有美食和生活风格指南。按期订阅享受优惠折扣。日本发行日期:每月10号 (您需要等待杂志寄往英国,通常需要2~9天)。

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Despite the widespread rise of the internet and its easy global access to discovering and taking in Japan's latest trends, magazines in Japan still line the shelves of convenience stores and bookshops in their hundreds, offering exclusive details and up-to-date stories that all wait to excite budding readers across the nation. Men's Fashion Magazines in Japan have uniquely had a chance to evolve in popularity and attention, thanks to a welcome approach to exploring various masculine styles, as well as non-masculine. The ever-changing possibilities and new challenges that face hardworking and culturally conscious men require up-to-date and inspiring content and here at japancentre.com we have a stylish selection of Men's Fashion Magazines for you to discover your own ideas towards styling your future.