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《Jump SQ》漫画月刊杂志, 1 Kg 库存有限 仅剩3 件

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《Jump SQ》是集英社的月刊漫画杂志,曾作是从《月刊少年Jump》拆分出来的杂志,它的名字即意为“Jump Squared”。杂志于2007年首次登场,立即受到热烈的欢迎。按期订阅享受优惠折扣。日本发行日期:每月4号。

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2 评论
Great to practice Japanese, that's the main reason I bought it, and it works wonders, I probably couldn't handle that amount of text on a weekly basis so this is perfect!
Bought as a present and it came exactly as described