Cuckoo福库 全自动电饭锅CR-0632 可煮六杯米, 2.8 Kg 库存有限 仅剩1 件

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• 不粘内锅
• 可分离内盖和蒸汽水槽
• 量杯和饭勺
• 说明书

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煮出完美的米饭需要一定的技巧,煮好的米饭既不能太硬也不能太软。在日本这样以米饭为主食的国家,一个好的电饭煲是绝对必要的。自从1956 年电饭煲被发明以来,这些方便的厨房电器就将煮饭这个棘手问题变成了一开一关就能解决的小事。想了解更多方便的日本厨房工具,请浏览 的厨具页面。



19 评论
Everyday rice cooking! Would recommend it. My previous cuchen rice cooker gave up after some years and this is a replacement. Great quality.
Love the product and design. Previously bought a Zojirushi rice cooker from Japan Centre in *** and needed a new one only recently. The Cuckoo brand is excellent too!\nThank you
The *** *** arrived very quickly and it looks so cute! I usually use it for two cups of *** (uncooked) and it cooks perfectly each time. The only recommendation I have is that the large plastic spoon included with the *** *** is a bit too harsh and feels like it might scratch the surface over time, so I use a silicon spoon. Apart from this, I would recommend this *** *** to anyone!
Easy to use, cool design, high quality
Looks just like I expected and better! So excited to use it, from the looks of it it’s easy to use and to clean 😋
Love this rice cooker
I was especially interested in locating a simple to operate rice cooker of the type we have been using at home, which have been, mostly, rice cookers purchased in Japan where the standard is usually very high for this type of item and where they tend to have a long product life.\n\nThe price range for this item can vary between under £30.00 to £50.00 for most recent models, however these usually now come with digital displays and since my elderly *** finds it difficult to deal with more and more technology in the home it was necessary to find one that would involve a less steep learning curve or none at all, preferably.\n\nThe Cuckoo rice cooker is Korean-made and the six cup capacity model I purchased is very compact and has a small footprint for its capacity so it doesn't take up a great deal of space on a counter top, unlike our previous larger but cheaper rice cooker that only lasted a year !\n\nI would expect the build quality to be more robust than cheaper models, outside of how they are operated - this has no electronic functions that could become faulty over time and is operated by a simple switch for "cook" and "keep" functions - more importantly it cooks rice very well.\n\nMore sophisticated rice cookers cater for the different rice types often consumed in Japan and elsewhere but this is very straightforward to use and success depends more on experience in cooking rice, knowing the right amount of water to use etc and after that you just leave it to do its thing.\n\nPrice-wise, at around £80.00, it is at the upper end of what to expect in rice-cookers but I felt it was better to spend a little more since you are paying for better quality and longevity than cheaper varieties.
Great rice cooker
Love it
Brilliant product, easy to use and amazing quality.
Excellent rice cooker, simple operation, just on off and keep warm, however the cooker produces excellent results with fuss.
Description very accurate,I have not used it yet,but I am very pleased with it.
Decent size rice cooker for beginners
Perfect rice! :D If you buy this and find you have a plastic-like film on the surface of the pot wehm you use it, it is most likely starch!
Makes the best rice ever. Looks really cute as well for a rice cooker.
Straightforward and good quality. Cooks rice perfectly.
Product is used every day. I have shown off my rice cooker to family and friends and even boasted about it. Its so easy to use, clean etc. I am over the moon with this purchase.
very compact rice-cooker, which does the job well.
I eat rice everyday so this rice cooker will be pretty busy! I highly recommend this product to everyone who loves rice and prefers an easy way of cooking it. Excellent make!