Maruki 手卷寿司帘和饭勺 (手卷寿司套装) , 50 g 库存有限 仅剩4 件


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This sushi mat and rice paddle are just the thing for making perfect sushi rice and temakizushi hand rolls every time. Size: Sushi Mat 18cm x 14cm/ Rice Paddle 14cm

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Sushi mats and rice paddles are part of the traditional utensils used to make sushi. It is believed that the utensils used will influence the flavour of the food. Rice paddles were even symbolic heirlooms that would be passed down from one generation to the next.


Rolling sushi is fun and the combinations are endless!
• Be sure to air your sushi mat after using, to make sure it’s fresh and ready to use next time.
• When making uramaki (sushi with the rice on the outside) try wrapping the sushi mat in clingfilm beforehand for easier clean-up.



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