LEC Gekiochi-kun Melamine Stain Removal Sponge, 5 g 库存有限 仅剩3 件


A durable sponge to deal with the most stubborn stains.

Keep bathrooms, surfaces, utensils and even shoes stain-free with minimal fuss, by relying on the simple stain removal power of this revolutionary Gekiochi-kun melamine sponge. Made from a German melamine foam formed of dense layers of microfibres, the solid texture of this sponge requires just soaking in water to cut through grease, dirt and bathroom scum, breaking down even the toughest stains with its tightly-woven surface. Long-lasting and easy to use without the need for intense scrubbing, see how this melamine sponge has become a Japanese cleaning staple.

商品 ID: #17542


  • 分类: 厨具
  • 制造商: LEC
  • 规格: 5 g