Japanese Grammar Revision Workbook - Beginner To Intermediate Level, 215 g

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Get your essential Japanese grammar up to scratch.

Full of drill exercises to practice all basic grammar points from particles and verb forms, to adverbs and conjoining phrases, every point covered in this revision workbook gets you ready for intermediate Japanese study. Split into 39 task-based chapters with an included answer sheet for review, each exercise covers all key aspects of understanding Japanese grammar usage, including the context behind why certain grammar is naturally used in different scenarios. Provided with fun illustrations to help you understand each chapter's variety of tasks, challenge your basic grammar knowledge and brush up on frequent mistakes with this handy revision workbook.

Paperback, 97 pages.

ISBN: 978-4-89358-513-4

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Comes with an answer sheet. Great for learners who want to ditch English and ** right into ** questions.