Minna no Nihongo I 2nd Edition Listening Tasks 25 Workbook with CD

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A beginner friendly approach to building Japanese listening skills.

Learning to listen and understand a foreign language often requires simple and relatable conversation to get you started, so what better place to begin than this welcoming introduction to Japanese listening tasks by Minna no Nihongo? Made to be studied alongside Minna no Nihongo I's main textbook, this workbook is split into 25 chapters each filled with listening comprehension and activities that can be completed with the book's 2 included CD's. Covering everyday topics and scenarios built around the initial grammar and vocabulary you are studying, this illustrated workbook helps you get used to the sound and structure of spoken Japanese, so you can identify key words or phrases and complete a variety of tasks that will improve your ability to engage in basic Japanese conversation. Provided with answers and full CD-dialogue, so you can review your own studies and identify areas you'd like better understanding of.

Written by 3A Networks. 

ISBN: 9784883197576

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The Minna no Nihongo series are the most popular Japanese language textbooks and workbooks currently used by teachers and students. As well as the main text, the series also includes kanji textbooks and workbooks, writing practice workbooks, reading comprehension workbooks, and more. To see Japan Centre's complete Minna no Nihongo range, take a look at our Japanese Language Books section.