Sanrio Gudetama Golden Egg Message Cards with Envelopes, 15 g, 5 cards


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Gift an eggs-tra special message of Gudetama good will.

Labelling gifts for close friends and family can be done with the most effortless charm, when your personalised message is complemented by the golden egg brilliance of these Gudetama message cards. 5 gold-bordered cards that feature twice the cuteness of Sanrio's loveable yolk, each white message card holds enough space to write your own special message and place each in their own egg-laden mini envelope. Whether it's the golden egg of messages or something cheeky to crack someone up, you'll be sure to have lots of fun writing and sharing these adorably eggs-quisite cards.

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Sanrio and its many adorable mascots have become globally known symbols of modern Japan and its overflowing penchant for cuteness. Since starting in Japan in 1973, with the delightfully popular introduction of the one-and-only Hello Kitty the following year, Sanrio has been the go to place for only the cutest characters and merchandise, be it themed gifts, regional souvenirs or even unbelievably charming practical tools! With their own theme parks, such as Sanrio Puroland, gaining international attention and the chance to bring their sweet sense to lovable icons of the West, Peanuts and Mr Men, they have made their own enchanting brands something to be showcased and enjoyed across the world. Whether you're hoping to surround yourself in the timeless cuteness of Cinnamoroll or Pompompurin, or share some quirky, relatable, fun times with Gudetama or Agguretsuko discover our wonderful range of Sanrio Merchandise at



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Super cute, although smaller than I was expecting. Still incredibly adorable and quintessential Gudetama!