Washi Chiyogami Origami Paper, 175 g, 360 sheets


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Fold and fashion the most intricately detailed chiyogami creations.

Give every inch of your paper craft the attention to detail it deserves, with the wide variety of vibrant Japanese patterns available in this mini chiyogami paper set. A 360 sheet stack of high-grade origami paper, these soft, delicate sheets are made from strong fibres so they durably fold, cut and sew into shape, whether it's crafting origami, ornate stationery or even the the most elegant greetings card decorations. Split into 12 sheets of 30 individual patterns in total, this multi-coloured mixture of kimono-inspired patterns is perfect for experimenting and adding a creative, eye-catching touch to your Japanese craft.

Contains 360 sheets. Each sheet measures approx. 7.5cm in length, 7.5cm in width.

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Lovely quality! Perfect for the project I have in mind.
Cute little origami paper, made in Japan and best price I found so far.