Artha Ceramic Chopstick Rest - Cat Face, 10 g 库存有限 仅剩2 件


An adorable place to rest your chopsticks.

Finely crafted in ceramic with a gentle curve to hold your chopsticks in place, the round cat face design of this rest is adorably sweet and it awaits a dining companion to attentively admire its charming, helpful presence. Styled as a silhouette so its smooth black design can be paired with different dining ware.

Measures approx. 3,3cm in length, 3.2cm in width, 0.7cm in height.   

商品 ID: #16508


In traditional Japanese cuisine, it is common for different dishes to be served in their own plate or bowl. So the diner might receive a larger plate for their fish, a small bowl for their rice, another small bowl for their miso, and shallow side dishes for their sauce. For a great range of Japanese serveware, take a look in Japan Centre's Dining section.