Maruki Children's Bamboo Chopsticks Set - Animal Patterns, 25 g, 3 pairs


Make sure no morsel of tasty food ever escapes your grip, with the adorable aid of these animal-patterned bamboo chopsticks. A colourful collection of 3 pairs each topped with the cutest rabbit, bear and monkey designs, these light, compact chopsticks come short enough to be stored neatly in a bento and are the perfect size for children to learn how to handle slippery food, with ridged ends to provide a firm hold of karaage, sushi and more. Coated in a plastic lacquer so they're easy to wash and wipe down after use.

Chopsticks measure approx. 16.5cm

商品 ID: #16038


Chopsticks are the most important eating utensil in Japanese and other types of East Asian cuisine, so it is important to know the main differences from pair to pair. Long chopsticks (over 30cm in length) are best used for cooking. Shorter chopsticks (around 20-23cm long) are standard chopsticks used at home. Chopsticks that are shorter still and come in chopstick cases are for packing in your bag and taking to work or school. Take a look at Japan Centre's entire Chopsticks & Cutlery range.


- Not suitable for dishwasher use.