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  • 15970  japan centre premium white flour

Japan Centre Strong White Flour, 1 Kg 库存有限 仅剩2 件

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Locally-sourced flour for the fluffiest, protein-rich breads.

Bake Japanese treats that are as delicate and satisfying as our Japan Centre Bakery's fluffiest offerings, with this 1kg bag of high-quality Cotswold premium strong white flour. Provided to us by the Oxfordshire flour mills of Matthews Cotswold, this specialised Churchill flour adds a blend of high-protein Canadian spring wheats into its finely milled consistency to ensure your dough remains highly porous and superb at soaking up flavour. Perfect at maintaining the moisture of sourdough and various flavoured or filled breads, or for forming a fluffy base for your steamed buns and savoury pastries.  

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Very good result