Tuttle Kimono Design: An Introduction to Textiles and Patterns, 890 g

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Delve into the vibrant details that bring kimono fabrics & patterns to life.

Often considered the epitome of wearable art, the iconic kimono dress that has spanned throughout Japan's history delivers rich detail and cultural meanings throughout its many patterns and choices of fabric. This book joins recycled kimono fabric expert Keiko Nitanai as she explores the hundreds of designs that have seasonally and socially influenced their creation over centuries. From the techniques of weaving, dying, printing and embroidering each intricate motif, to the pick of the perfect colour and fabric that form expressions of fashion, this pattern encyclopedia provides you with all the information you need on how to appreciate and understand your favourite kimono art. Covering the decoration of even accessories that go into the full kimono outfit, this English translated book is a definitive look into the details of traditional Japanese fashion.

Compiled by Keiko Nitanai. Paperbound with 304 pages. 


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