The Real Japanese Izakaya Cookbook 120 Classic Bar Bites from Japan by Wataru Yokota, 775 g

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The Japanese izakaya is a local hole-in-the-wall tavern where you can enjoy hearty and flavourful comfort food and drinks with friends and colleagues. With this book, you can recreate over 120 classic izakaya dishes in your own kitchen, such as yakitori chicken, honey sesame chicken wings, and grilled wagyu steak. Vegetable lovers will enjoy yuzu marinated turnips, grilled broad beans and Japanese omelette. Author Wataru Yokota adds his own signature dishes like sardines simmered in sake, and glazed pork belly with seasonal greens. All of the recipes are delicious and easy, and you'll even learn how to make a homemade "smoker" to give your meats and fish that authentic izakaya flavour!

Hardback, 128 pages. Written by Wataru Yokota, foreword by Makiko Itoh.


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