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Shoyeido Incense Holder - Hokusai's 'Great Wave off Kanagawa', 10 g


Hold your incense with artistic Japanese charm.

Katsuhisa Hokusai's 'Great Wave off Kanagawa' has inspired creative thinking and cultural inspiration among many, so this incense holder is perfect for lovers of art and Japan looking to rejuvenate their thoughts and ideas with their favourite aromas. A charming white ceramic piece accurately depicting the famous piece of art in a dark blue trim, the gentle sheen and sharp lines help to highlight the subtle qualities of the incense you choose to burn in its 2 different sized holes. The perfect trinket to help stimulating fragrances and creativity flow.

Incense holder measures 4cm in width, 3.5cm in length, 0.5cm in height. 

Incense and tray sold separately.

商品 ID: #15778


Incense is widely used in Japan, particularly within shrines, temples, and other places that have religious practices. The calming and fragrant scents experienced in such places also make ideal and unique fragrances for enjoying at home. Take a look at Japan Centre's Japan Fan section for more incense and other exciting items that celebrate Japanese culture.