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Yanagi Products Japanese Style Wooden Toothpicks, 100 g


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Detailed toothpicks made to delight with their variety of uses.

Longer than typical English toothpicks and carved with fine detail at each blunt end, this box of wooden Japanese style toothpicks brings with it endless possibilities. Sharp enough to take your pick of fruits, cheese, pickles and other nibbles, these toothpicks come long enough to combine your favourite flavours into a single bite and can flexibly remove any stubborn morsels once you're finished munching. Easy to grip with their crafted ends that are perfect for buffet decoration, these toothpicks even come as a popular tool for Japanese crafts, offering a chance to tie, rest and stack toothpicks together into all kinds of particular designs.

Approx. 850 toothpicks in a box. 6.5cm in length.

商品 ID: #15758



1 评论
Toothpicks, as described. nice product.