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A vodka crafted with crystal clear smoothness and technique.

Taking their refined whisky talents to ever purer and pristine heights, Suntory strives to deliver both natural sweetness and quality with its heavenly serene Haku Vodka. Made 100% from "hakumai" white rice, grown exclusively for the brewing of premium alcohol, this vodka takes that immaculate care right to the heart of its dedicated distilling process, milling the rice to such a fine degree it disperses maximum depth and subtle flavour throughout its pearly-smooth body. Filtered with bamboo charcoal to ensure crystal clear consistency, the untainted, soft aromas of this mineral-rich alcohol become sublime to experience, with invigorating pear and citrus sweetness on the nose, that is rounded out into a rich and enveloping palate that soothes into a pleasantly satisfying tingle. Serve extra chilled with soda or tonic, to capture glistening stream-like refreshment.

Alcohol content 40% vol.

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Alcohol: 40%

Ingredients and allergens

Vodka (Distilled from Rice), Water