Hakoya Silicon Food Cups - Round, 5 g, 2 cups


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Prepare and serve small sides for simple pickings.

When packing a combination of foods and flavours into larger meals and bento lunches, these silicon food cups make for the perfect storage of a separate treat on the side. Made both compact and flexible, these round containers squeeze neatly onto plates and into most bento boxes, as the ideal spot to add small savoury sides or even a sweet choice of fruit or mochi dessert! The rubber silicone of each cup can reliably hold and protect various food (from wet to oily) and helps keep small food pieces and leftovers preserved in the fridge for a fresh addition to the following day's meal. Coming in both red and black, these cups offer a cool splash of colour and convenience to your meals out and about.

Measures approx. 6.2cm in diameter at the top, 4.5cm in diameter on the bottom, and 2.5cm in height.  Microwave safe.

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Japanese Bento consist of lots more than the simple comparison to packed lunches elsewhere, considered important and convenient meals to enjoy anywhere or thoroughly savour, with astounding creativity and emotion put into some Bento creations. From adorable little bento boxes school children enjoy for lunch every day to the colourful gourmet meals elegantly presented in multi-tiered boxes, bento accounts for a large portion of both tradition and innovation in Japanese cuisine. Discover more about the wide world of bento by taking a look at japancentre.com's Bento section.



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