Sanshusha Japan Foundation Marugoto Japanese Words and Culture Elementary 1 A2 Rikai Instruction Textbook, 540 g

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Immersive Japanese learning to keep study exciting.

It can be frustratingly difficult learning a language when you're short of interesting exposure to practice and build upon your initial skills, so with Japan Foundation's Marugoto series of textbooks, you'll find all kinds of ways you can instantly interact with the Japanese you learn and love. Based on the elementary A2 level of the JF Standard for Japanese Language Education, this textbook develops a basic knowledge of important phrases and words, by expanding your Rikai ("Understanding") of Japanese, through learning of the grammar behind such phrases and how you can use it to construct more complete sentences for different daily topics. Introducing simple conjugations, regularly used verb forms and explanation of how to correctly use particles, this book makes it practical and less of a headache to remember each point with engaging themes, covering things such as what to do in Japan and cultural activities, to make study memorable and enjoyably fascinating, with the aid of illustrations and real-life photos. Including plenty of further listening and writing tasks to get naturally accustomed with the language, Marugoto combines the book's resources with online vocabulary and audio files to encourage your own ability to understand Japanese from authentic material, giving you a foundation to explore the language yourself via your own methods and interests.

This is volume 1 of 2 for the Marugoto A2 level Rikai textbooks.

ISBN: 9784384057553

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