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Kurakon Seasoned Tororo Shaved Dried Kombu Kelp, 13 g

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Add a simple seasoning of seaweed to your daily diet.

Shredded finely to less than half a millimetre, this Tororo shaved dried kombu kelp is carefully prepared to make a nourishing touch of rich seaweed flavour easy to add to any Japanese dish or soup. Made of Kombu sheets pickled in vinegar and layered on top of each other before shredding, Tororo kombu comes full of rich astringent flavour that is high in both calcium and fibre, letting it become a versatile and healthy ingredient to supplement other umami tastes, with its soft texture and expanding essence. Easy to separate and measure out accurately, find your ideal amount  of kombu kelp, to thicken up udon noodle broths and miso soups, or season rice and onigiri rice balls, for a fantastic addition to any healthy eating regime. Made with 100% Japanese-sourced Kombu seaweed.

商品 ID: #15070


It is no secret that the Japanese love their seaweed, and a good thing too, seeing how it contains so many beneficial nutrients! There are so many ways to eat seaweed, from sushi wrapped in nori sheets to miso soup garnished with wakame leaves to soup stocks flavoured with infusions of kelp. If you are looking to bring some seaweed goodness into your diet, take a browse at our wonderfully versatile cooking and snack options at japancentre.com.



Per 100g:
• Energy: 771kJ/184kcal
• Fat: 1.5g
• Carbohydrate: 54.6g
• Protein: 4.6g
• Salt: 6.15g