Arnest Santoku Long-Lasting Sharpness Kitchen Knife, 100 g 库存有限 仅剩5 件

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Effective and long-lasting.

Made in Tsubame, Japan, this high-quality molybdenum vanadium steel knife has been purpose-built for the 3 "virtues" of cutting abilities: chopping, dicing and mincing. Sure to make easy work of meats, fish and vegetables, this lightweight knife has an ultra-sharp blade opposite a soft spine for extra precision and control.

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Knife measures approx. 28.2cm in length, blade measures approx. 16.5cm in length. Made of molybdenum vanadium steel. 

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Japanese cooking relies on a fair amount of precise cutting, chopping, and dicing, so it is no surprise that a wide range knives are frequently utilised. For these and other essential tools in Japanese cooking, take a look at Japan Centre's Cooking Equipment section.



3 评论
It’s that one ** you need in the kitchen.
I use the ** for cutting both meat and vegetables. It’s a really handy and good quality product. Would buy another one soon.
Light, sharp, good quality as expected.