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Binchotan Charcoal Microwave Rice and Egg Cooker, 226 g


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Smart, versatile Japanese cooking equipment.

For wonderfully fluffy and flavoursome Japonica rice cooked perfectly every time, this charming little microwave rice cooking pot will be your most prized addition to your kitchen. Complete with a measuring cap, two heat enclosing lids, a rice paddle and an egg stand (you can boil eggs too), everything in this fantastic set has been made with polypropylene and binchotan activated charcoal, a highly porous material that absorbs impurities from water and helps retain the purest rice flavour.

商品 ID: #14604


To cook rice with your microwave rice cooking pot:

  • Use the included measuring cap to measure out 1 cap per portion of rice, and add to the cooking pot.
  • Fill with water, attach the strainer, drain and repeat until water runs clear.
  • Fill with 120ml water per portion of rice.
  • Enclose with the top lid and microwave for 6 minutes for 1 portion of rice, or 10 minutes for 2.



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