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S&B Golden Curry, Extra Hot, 220 g, 12 servings

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Spicy, warming curry goodness.

Enjoy distinct Japanese curry flavours with extra heat in Extra Hot Golden Curry. As easy to use as gravy or chicken stock, this curry roux retains the slightly sweet, hearty flavour of milder Japanese curries, with enough spice to wake up your tastebuds. This pack contains enough delicious and completely vegetarian curry sauce for 12 servings.

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Curry was introduced to Japan by the British during the Meiji era of the 1800’s. It has evolved within Japan since then, taking on a unique flavour of its own (normally heartier and a little sweeter than most Indian varieties), and become one of the most commonly utilised flavours in foods such as bread and udon noodles, as well as a much-loved dish in its own right all over the country. Take a look at Japan Centre's Curry & Stew section for a great range of Japanese curry items.


• Boil water in a pan.
• Add vegetables such as potato or carrot, and cubes of any meat or protein you fancy.
• Break up curry cubes and add 1 cube per person.
• Stir well and then serve with rice.



Per 100g:

• Energy: 2050kJ/500kcal
• Protein: 5.55g
• Fat: 25g
• Carbohydrate: 55.55g


4 评论
Authentic Curry based products
Great product
Best home curry ever (other than making from scratch, but whose got time for that)
Absolutely delicious stuff. Used it to make curry udon, which was an absolute triumph. Looking forward to frying up some pork cutlets and trying it out with ***. There's only one downside and it isn't really a dealbreaker. I expected it to be a lot hotter than advertised, but with the flavour it delivers it wasn't an issue that a couple of hot chilli peppers couldn't fix.