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Nakaya Sushi Rice Paddle, 35 g


5 / 5

44 评论

Perfect for sushi making.

Prepare your sushi rice the authentic way with this shamoji rice paddle. A handy, durable tool for the casual sushi rollers and the experienced sushi chefs, this paddle has raised bumps which break up cooked rice and help mix in sushi rice vinegar. Remember to wet the paddle before use to prevent the rice from sticking!

商品 ID: #14250


Sushi is probably the most well-known Japanese food in the Western world, and much easier to make for yourself than you might think! If you have been thinking about experimenting with sushi making, or if you are a sushi-making veteran who needs to stock up on your ingredients and equipment, Japan Centre is the place to go!



4 评论
Great for serving rice, very useful tool at a reasonable price.
Simple and easier to use compare to other paddle
Perfect paddle for use with sushi rice, after wetting the paddle to stop the rice sticking it works perfectly!