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Japanese for Beginners: Learning Conversational Japanese Textbook with CD, 460 g

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Seeing the sights in Tokyo and Kyoto? Working in Japan? Thousands of people need to communicate in Japanese for various reasons, but very few have the time or opportunity to study the language formally at a school or university.

Japanese for Beginners is designed for busy people who wish to pick up a working knowledge of Japanese on their own in just a few days, rather than a few years! This method has been used successfully by thousands of people.

By providing a firm grounding in grammar and sentence structure using dialogues and vocabulary that reflect authentic Japanese situations and manga comic strips to emphasize contemporary culture and humour— Japanese for Beginners will have you conversing in basic Japanese in no time at all.

Drills and exercises are included in each chapter to help you practice the sentence patterns and vocabulary, and MP3 audio recordings by native speakers on the FREE audio CD are invaluable in teaching the correct pronunciation of Japanese words. This is a complete language package that has helped many thousands of people to speak colloquial Japanese in the way that it's actually spoken in Japan.

Paperback with 242 pages.

ISBN: 9784805313671

商品 ID: #14082