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Ceramic Sake Set - Black-Green, Blue and Gold Drip Pattern, 494 g, 5 items


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For friendly get-togethers around sake rice wine.

Made in Japan, this traditional set of 4 ceramic sake ochoko cups and a tokkuri sake beaker, together with a sake of your choice, can set any dinner party off to a fun and unique start. To follow the traditional practises of the shogunate class, gently warm your sake by placing the tokkuri, filled below the neck, in a pan of hot water, then pour into the ochoko of your guests. This sake set has a glossy, dark green finish with stippled blue and dripping gold patterns.

Tokkuri measures approx. 8cm in diameter, 13m in height.
Ochoko measure approx. 5.6cm in diameter, 3.5cm in height.

商品 ID: #13960


While beer is the most commonly enjoyed alcohol in Japan, sake is by far the most well-known alcohol for being distinctly Japanese. Sake is traditionally served in a variety of different cups and bottles. Tokkuri and ochoko sets such as these are great for when you want to enjoy a warmed up sake. For a great range of different sake cups and bottles, have a browse through japancentre.com's Sake and More section.



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Beautiful sake set
This little *** set is actually even nicer in person because you can see the tiny bits of shimmer in the glaze.