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  • 13958 designer's kagami biraki sake barrel

Designer's Mini Kagami Biraki Sake Barrel Set - Cherry Blossom Pattern, 588 g, 5 items

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For a fun Japanese spin on all your celebrations.

Kagami Biraki ceremonies take place year-round in Japan, the highlight of weddings, birthdays, housewarmings, New Year's parties and more. First, a ceremonial cask of sake is cracked open with a wooden mallet, while everybody present cheers 'yoisho'. The sake is then shared around for all to enjoy. Now you can put on your own Kagami Biraki ceremony with this playful set. Included is a stylish sake cask, decorated with cherry blossom and a Japanese kanji character meaning 'long life', a wooden mallet and ladle plus two wooden masu cups. The cask can be resealed with the magnetic lid, meaning you can use this set in all your celebrations again and again.

Cask measures approx. 18cm in diameter. 17.5cm in height.
Masu cups measure approx. 6.4cm in diameter, 4.3cm in height.
Hold Approx. 720ml worth of sake.

Do not submerge in water while cleaning. Handwash only. Fully dry with a cloth or paper towels, and allow to air dry before storing.

*Sake sold separately. 

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