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  • 13948 sake ochoko tulip glass

Sake Ochoko Tulip Glass, 92 g

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Beautiful Japanese sakeware.

Experience the full flavour notes of your sake with this elegant, tulip-shaped glass ochoko. The wide base and narrow rim concentrate aromas, making it easier for you to pick up all the nuances your sake, whisky or spirit has to offer. As a stemless glass, you can also cradle your drink and hand-warm to evolve more flavours.

Ochoko measures approx. 5.5cm in diameter, 5.5cm in height.

商品 ID: #13948


While beer is the most commonly enjoyed alcohol in Japan, sake is by far the most well-known alcohol for being distinctly Japanese. Sake is traditionally served in a variety of different cups and bottles. Tokkuri and ochoko sets such as these are great for when you want to enjoy a warmed up sake. For a great range of different sake cups and bottles, have a browse through japancentre.com's Sake and More section.