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Nagatanien Reduced Salt Freeze-Dried Instant Miso Soup, Assorted, 36 g, 5 servings

Delivery to UK, EU, and USA* only

Authentic miso soup taste with 20% less salt.

With Nagatanien's assorted instant miso soup, not only can you create an authentic, full-bodied miso broth with rich vegetable toppings, but a different soup for every day of the week! Each type of miso, freeze-dried to lock in freshness of flavour, have a different mixture of toppings. Choose from fried aubergine, spring onion and wakame seaweed, nameko mushroom or spinach, which have been paired with the type of miso (white miso, awase miso or miso mixed with dashi) best suited for that topping.

商品 ID: #13898


Miso soup is an almost compulsory part of the Japanese lunch and dinner table. Normally served next to the customary bowl of rice, Miso soup is made from a combination of miso paste, dashi soup stock, and fresh garnishes. If you do not have time to make miso soup from scratch, no problem; Japan Centre has a fantastic range of instant miso soups available in our Instant Miso Soups section.



Varies per type