Nico Kitchen Cat Shaped Egg Mould and Nori Seaweed Cutters, 140 g


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Make adorable bento lunchtime friends.

With Nico Kitchen's egg mould and nori seaweed cutter set, every day can be bring your cat to school or work day. Simply drop a medium sized hard boiled egg into the mould, push closed and leave the mould and egg to cool down in cold water. You can then use the nori seaweed cutters to fashion a cheeky cat face. In next to no time you'll have a hard boiled egg for the biggest softies, perfect in a cute decoben decorative bento lunchbox. Made in China.

Egg mould measures approx. 10cm in diameter, 5cm in height.
Nori seaweed cutter measures. approx. 12.5cm in diameter, 0.8cm in height.
Cutting matt measures approx. 4.5cm in diameter, 0.3cm in height.

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Decorative bento lunches, or decoben, have been made in Japan for decades. Originally constructed by Japanese housewives in an effort to encourage fussy children to eat their school lunches, decoben has evolved into an artform in its own right, with national competitions being held in Japan and all over the world. For a fantastic range of bento boxes, moulds, cutters, cups and more, take a look at Japan Centre's Bento section.



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Product was exactly as described and the instructions for use were simple and easy to follow. Great tool for adding a fun twist to meals