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  • 13877 ceramic soup spoon   brown

Ceramic Soup Spoon - Brown, 26 g


Charming and authentic.

Make your soups and ramen even more enjoyable with this small ceramic soup spoon. Made in Japan, this elegant piece is in the Chinese-style, with a short handle extending from a deep, flat bowl. The smooth curvature along the top of the handle is designed to fit comfortable between your thumb and fingers as you bring each delicious spoonful up close to your mouth.

Measures approx. 12cm in length

商品 ID: #13877


Spoons are an important item of cutlery in Japanese cuisine. Like in the UK, spoons in Japan range in size from delicate teaspoons and scoops for tea and pudding to large ladle-like renge spoons for ramen and other noodle soup dishes. For a great range of Japan-made and Japan-inspired spoons and other cutlery, take a look at japancentre.com’s Chopsticks & Cutlery section.