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  • 13800  onigiri rice ball wrapping sheets

Onigiri Rice Ball Wrapping Sheets, 49 g



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Onigiri, the conbini way.

Enjoy your homemade onigiri rice balls like a Japanese native with this handy pack of 30 wrapping sheets. A nod to the the style of onigiri moulding and packaging as found in the many conbini (convenience stores), rice balls wrapped with these are recognised as the soul of Japanese convenience food. Simply lay your nori seaweed and rice on top of one sheet and follow the instructions on the back. Complete with 30 labelling stickers (6 ume plum, 6 salmon, 6 bonito, and 12 blank). 

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3 评论
Does not include seaweed! These are just the plastic wrappers. You will need to buy seaweed separately. Otherwise looks to be a great product, and (once I've ordered my nori) I look forward to using them.
Looks good