Fan with Cover - Hokusai's 'Great Wave Off Kanagawa' Print, 22 g 库存有限 仅剩5 件


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For a wave of cooling breeze.

Keeping cool, refreshed and stylish can all be achieved with this Japanese hand fan. Hokusai's famous 'Great Wave Off Kanagawa' piece framed with a traditional seigaiha wave pattern printed on quality silk, use this fan for a colourful way of keeping cool. Complete with a matching case for carrying in your bag or purse.

Fan measures approx. 21cm in length, 38cm in width (when unfurled).

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A loved and iconic part of Japanese culture, the folding hand fan has a long history in which the line between fashion accessories and art has become blurred. Stylish and practical, quality fans like this one here make exciting and unique gifts sure to surprise and delight this Christmas.



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