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  • 13329 grass shaped plastic bento dividers

Grass Shaped Plastic Bento Dividers- Yellow, Green, Pink, 19 g

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Cute, colourful and functional.

Keep your bento colourful and tidy with these grass shaped dividers. This pack contains 100 grass-shaped sheets in yellow, green and pink, paper thin so they can easily be folded and bent around different foods in your bento lunch. Use to keep different food items from touching each other and to make your bento shine. Sheets measure approx. 7.5cm in width, 4.5cm in height. Made in Japan.

商品 ID: #13329


As well as a good bento box and chopsticks, bento lunches also rely on a number of different accessories. Things like okazu cups, bento picks and miniature sauce bottles provide the finishing touches to a school or work lunch that is as fun to eat as it is delicious. For a great assortment of authentic Japanese bento accessories, take a look at Japan Centre's Bento section.