Deep Tissue Leg Massager, 85 g


The perfect accessory for your daily massage ritual

Detoxify and tone your muscles with this deep tissue leg massager. This massager is designed to deeply stimulate pressure points across your legs and feet to boost blood circulation for improved skin tone. Gently massage your legs and feet every day and start feeling the difference. Measures approx. 180mm in length, and 72mm in width.

商品 ID: #13024


Alleviate feelings of pain and discomfort with the wonderful, expansive pressure of this massager!

- Do not press too hard with this massager.
- Do not attempt to use as a massager for ankle, knee joints etc.
- Please take care when applying pressure, as too much can cause damage/injury to skin.
- To avoid damage to the skin, apply a moisturising cream or lotion to the target area before use.
- If you identify damage or a change in shape to the product, please stop its use.
- Wash away all excess moisturiser or lotion on product after each use. 

Use the wider, bobbled end (referred to as Head A) across the top of the foot and the whole of the leg. POINT: Make sure Head A's bobbles are pressed and held directly onto the leg (as shown). 

Use the pointier, curved end (referred to as Head B) across the sole and back of the foot. Place your finger across the dip of the handle and press using the curved end.

Use on the Thigh (Use Head A):
Placing the massager above the knee joint, press and pull the it up the thigh towards the hip, feeling the thigh bone along the way.Repeat this across each thigh, including the inside of the leg.
POINT: Apply stronger pressure at the start and allow it to gradually ease as you press up each leg.

Use on the Shin and Calf (Use Head A):
Placing the massager above the ankle, press and pull it up the shin until just before the knee. Repeat, applying a constant pressure around the outer leg of each shin first before the inner leg, feeling the shin bone along the way. Repeat for the calves.

Use on the Top of the Foot (Use Head A):
Placing the massager just above the toe joints of the foot, press and pull it up towards the ankle. Repeat across the top of each foot.

Use on the Sole of the Foot (Use Head B):
Placing the massager just below the ankle, press and push its curved end down the side of the food towards the toes feeling for the bone along the way. Repeat on the outside and then inside of each foot.
You can press and push Head B across the base of the sole too!